As the flagship hospital in the fastest growing region in the state, Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin has an ambitious plan to strengthen our exceptional specialty in Cardiovascular Care. With philanthropic support, we are growing the first Cardiovascular Fellowship Program in Central Texas. The Ascension Seton Cardiovascular Fellowship Program is a three-year training program in partnership with Dell Medical School at the University of Texas that improves health outcomes, increases access to specialty care, and incentivizes the best and brightest physicians to practice in Austin. Cardiovascular Fellows receive training in four competencies: Clinical Training, Research, Quality Improvement Projects, and Patient Advocacy.

In 2019, our first two cardiology fellows, Dr. Priya Kothapalli and Dr. Sergio Montano joined the staff of the Ascension Seton Heart Institute. We are excited to introduce 2020 cardiology fellows, Dr. Travis Benzing and Dr. Michael Grzeskowiak. These fellows are, by their very nature, innovators. Their mission is to sustain and improve the health of individuals and our community. Dr. Clay Cauthen leads the Ascension Seton Cardiovascular Fellowship Program. In total, seven Cardiovascular Fellows will train under the Cardiologist at Ascension Seton Heart Institute.

“I chose to come to UT-Austin Ascension Seton for multiple reasons. First and foremost, the people were my greatest draw to coming to the program. From the leadership, the faculty, the ancillary staff, everybody was extremely welcoming as well as being consummate professionals. The level of expertise and care provided to each patient that comes through our doors is simply extraordinary. While the care is the forefront of what patients see, the “behind the scenes” research helps to drive care forwards while maintaining a scientific focus. All in all, I could not envision a more inclusive, rewarding, and exceptional program to be a part of and to help grow for future generations.”

Travis Benzing, MD

“UT Austin’s Dell-Seton cardiovascular disease fellowship stood out to me right away. From my first meeting with the faculty, I could tell how invested they were in my success as a cardiology fellow. The fellowship is crafted in such a way to develop strong physicians that are exposed to a high volume of diverse cardiac illnesses from heart transplant to congenital disorders to women’s health. Layer on extensive research opportunities, advocacy training, and global health experiences and you get a truly comprehensive and unique training. The patient population, the faculty, and the staff genuinely make this an amazing fellowship to be a part of.”

Michael Grzeskowiak, MD